Sunday, December 8, 2013

are you gonna get misleaded?

Most of us I guess sometimes want to be left alone ...  to be recreated ...
But family and friends insist that it is not " normal " and that man is by nature a social being . Contrasting to that I say that man by nature has also wild instincts , which are not accepted because of our cultural evolution. In conclusion I want to say that human being it too complex to analyze.. we are so different and same at the same time.. our needs evovle and change all the time.. If we fall into the trap our society has created we're done, we will never have the chance to be happy... deep down each and everyone of us knows what he wants but we all have learned to be afraid and to "the right thing". BUT NO the right thing is what we want and nothing else... the image above is a greek quote that says " you have to be ready to burn in your own fire, how will you reborn if you don't become dust first?"

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